EerlijkBeter: Physcal therapy in Delft

  • Our prices are considerably lower (starting from € 27,50 per treatment), saving you up to 40% per treatment.
  • We take time for you.
  • We work in the evenings and on Saturdays.
  • We provide sports massage and do Medical Taping.
  • We make you responsible for your own recovery through a clear treatment plan, clear explanations, exercises and advice.
  • You can rent training materials, so you can work on your recovery at home.
  • We want to see you walk out the door without complaints, as quickly as possible.

In our physiotherapy practice we do not patch things up, but we teach you to control your complaint. We use various mobilization techniques, (sports) massage techniques, coaching, exercises and Medical Taping. The only thing we expect you to do is your commitment and trust. Physiotherapy is working together: we treat you at our practice and you will work at your place with our tips, advice, information and exercises. Together this is a powerful combination for a good recovery!

Physiotherapy EerlijkBeter thinks attention to fair health care is important. Our physiotherapist is registered at the BIG-register and the CKR-register. She works according to the guidelines of the KNGF- and regulations according to the WGBO.

Goede Fysiotherapeut in Delft
Physiotherapist Anne Middendorp: Physiotherapy EerlijkBeter in Delft stands for attention, quality and results. In my practice I want no restrictions imposed by health insurers. To deliver the quality that we consider important, my practice will not sign contracts with health insurers. That might be different than you are used to, thats why I’am happy to invite you to meet me and have a look at my practice.


Free medical office hour
Every Wednesday from 18:00 am till 19:00 you are welcome to our medical office hour, completely free. Come in, drink a cup of coffee and if you have any questions please direct them to me. That might be a question about a physical complaint, the sport that you do or about your health insurance. You do not have to make an appointment, just feel free to walk in.

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