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“Exercises for neck complaints: a painful neck and shoulders?” – Physiotherapy Eerlijkbeter Delft

Most people will have had to deal with a sore and stiff neck and shoulders at one point or another. In our practice we often come across the musculus trapezius (trapezius muscle) that shows signs of tightness. This trapezius muscle is a diamond-shaped muscle which runs from the base of your skull or occipital bone [...]

“What is arthrosis?” – Physiotherapy Delft, Physiotherapist EerlijkBeter

Arthrosis as it's commonly known is a degenerative joint disease or wearing of the joints. Although the word wear may not be the correct term to describe the condition. In this blog we will explain to you exactly what arthrosis is. Arthrosis is a condition in which the quality of the cartilage diminishes. A joint exists [...]

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“Lower back pain” – Physical therapy delft, EerlijkBeter

In the first two days you will be able to do very little, because you are still in the middle of this inflammatory response. Even a physiotherapist won't be able to do much for you at this stage. What you can do yourself: Take some painkillers and/or anti inflammatory medication. This medication will make sure [...]

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“Lower back pain, what to do now?” – Physiotherapy Delft

The first two days after you have strained your back, an inflammatory response will take place inside your body. There is nothing you can do to avoid this from happening. This just happens to be a natural response from your body against the damage. Now something quite extraordinary happens, although the damage in your back [...]

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“Strained your back, what to do next?” – Fysiotherapie EerlijkBeter

In this blog I will explain to you what happens when you have strained your back and what will be the best thing to do. When you have strained your back, you will experience pain, you might find it difficult to stand up straight, walk. Not knowing how to sit or lay down as every [...]

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“Health care and health insurance coverage” – physiotherapy Delft

A new approach on health care, physiotherapy without supplementing your health insurance coverage.  In just over a month you can switch your health insurance to a different insurer or supplement the current coverage of your health insurance. We advise you to have a good look at the care package you currently have. That is the [...]

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“Breathing exercise” – Physiotherapy Delft, EerlijkBeter

Busy, exhaustion, stress? With this breathing exercise you will be able to relax and clear your head in an easy but effective way. Lay or sit down in a position that is comfortable for you. If you have difficulty focussing, it might help if you close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose en exhale [...]

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“Cheap physiotherapy” – Physiotherapy Delft

What makes our physiotherapy practice special? Our work ethics: In our physiotherapy practice we do not believe in a sticking plaster on a wooden leg method, we actually teach you to monitor your complaint. We help you by teaching you a variety of mobilising techniques like (sports) massage techniques, coaching, exercises and medical taping. The [...]

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“Physiotherapy and yoga – Physiotherapy in Delft”

Why yoga and physiotherapy combine so well. Exercising is healthy and can be done in lots of different ways. One form of exercising that fits everyone is yoga. Now don't go imagining the stereotype of vague people, incense, singing dolphins and laughing Buddha’s right away. But think of an ancient knowledge about motion and energy [...]

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