Our rates are cheaperEerlijkBeter in Delft believes that good physical therapy should be affordable for everyone. Whether you are or aren’t insured for physiotherapy. That’s why EerlijkBeter is €6 less expensive than most physical therapy practices in Delft.

You will pay immediately after your treatment, preferably by debit card. It is also possible to pay cash. After each payment you will receive a receipt and a invoice. Afterwards you can submit the bill to your health insurer. The amount of money that you’re health insurer is paying you to cover the medical costs, depends on your insurance.

Our prices in 2019:
Treatment physical therapy | € 33
When you don’t have a health insurer witch covers physiotherapy, you can get a discount | € 27,50

First session (intake and treatment, 60 min) | € 80
When you don’t have a health insurer witch covers physiotherapy, you can get a discount | € 70

Intake without treatment (30 min) | € 47

Online- or telephonic consult | €17,50

Threatment at home in Delft, addition | € 15

Sports massage, short session (25 min) | € 31,50
Sports massage, normal session (50 min) | € 62

Missed appointments | 100% of the cost of the session
Note: your health insurer does not cover the costs of a missed appointment. If you are unable to attend to your appointment, please cancel by calling/mailing/app/text us at least 24 hours before the start time of your treatment. If you get no answer, please leave a voicemail. If you cancel the session too late, then you need to pay the whole amount of the missed session, regardless of the reason for cancellation. You will receive a mail with the time/date, every time you make an appointment. It is your responsibility to check the time/date in the email.