This week I’ve got three fairytales in a row for you:

Fairytale 1: “I’m heavy, because I am big boned!”
It’s not entire nonsense, because your bones can be somewhat bigger and heavier than those of others, but with a maximum of 2 to 4 kilo’s. Just to be clear: overweight does not relate to being big boned. Compared to your muscles, fat and tissue the human skeleton hardly weighs anything: only 20% of our total body weight. Basically it is possible for a fat person to have heavier/bigger bones than a skinny person. The heavier weight needs to be carried by the skeleton. A fun accidental circumstance of having bigger bones is a smaller chance of breaking them. This is caused by the bone density. The higher the density, the heavier and stronger your bones are. So you could say being big boned has it’s advantages.

Fairytale 2: “Training my abs will give me a six-pack”
I wish this was true! Unfortunately it’s impossible to slim down locally with just one single exercise. However it is possible to get stronger by training your abs. But if your abs stay covered by a little fat curtain, the results will be hard to see. Unfortunately losing weight does not happen locally, but all over your body. In order to get a six-pack you will have to lose weight so your muscles won’t be covered with fat anymore. Working out can help you achieve this. What’s important is a good balance between weight-lifting and cardio exercises.

Fairytale 3: ‘My job requires moving around a lot so I exercise enough!”
Walking around and standing still is always better than sitting down, but not even close to the definition of healthy moving. Standing for long periods of time and light household chores like dusting and doing the dishes simply do not ask for enough effort. Window washing, mobbing the floor, heavy vacuum cleaning or gardening do ask for that effort. But what is the difference then? When your heart rate rises, without you getting out of breath we speak of moderate intensive exercise. Think of taking a stroll, riding a bike, doing some gardening. Exercising enough means at least 30 minutes of moderate intensive exercising 5 days a week and at least 20 minutes of intensive exercising, like doing sports, 3 days a week. Good and affordable physiotherapy | Open during evenings and on Saturdays | One treatment costs €20 | Call: 06 28270001 or maill