Why you should get out more!

As a physiotherapist I think it’s important to take good care of your body. Sometimes small things can make a huge difference, daylight for example.

The fact that daylight is important is nothing new, that’s why you should go outside on a daily basis. But then why do we often hide ourselves indoors? People are busy, they work hard, sit behind a laptop or watch TV for 2 hours a day. Everyone can easily think of 4 excuses not having to go outside: it’s raining, no time, don’t feel like it. That’s why I’m giving you 4 big reasons to DO go outside and face the daylight:

Reason 1: Daylight produces vitamin D for your body. Around 20 minutes of daylight a day is already enough. Vitamin D supports the general resilience and helps the body absorbing calcium.

Reason 2: Daylight has many positive effects on your mental health. It helps staying focused and it can help to fight depression. Chances of a better mood significantly increase after a big dose of daylight.

Reason 3: Daylight helps the body maintain a healthy day and night rhythm. Artificial light interrupts the natural rhythm of your biological clock. People who maintain a natural day and night rhythm often sleep better and are more rested.

Reason 4: Going outside means fresh air and it will do you good. Oxygen-rich blood nourishes the organs and cells in your body. It speaks for itself that fresh air will make your body function better in general.

In short: put on your shoes and coat and go outside for at least 20 minutes every day. Take a walk after dinner, drink your coffee on the balcony, go outside during your lunch break, walk the neighbor’s dog or read a book on a little bench in the park. Do you live in the city? Then often go visit the green longs of your city. Face the rain, enjoy the sun and don’t let the weather prevent you from getting your daily dose of daylight!

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