A new approach on health care, physiotherapy without supplementing your health insurance coverage. 

In just over a month you can switch your health insurance to a different insurer or supplement the current coverage of your health insurance. We advise you to have a good look at the care package you currently have. That is the reason why we pay attention to the new movement within the health care system.

In a resent study from Comité Zorg Geen Markt (2013) it became clear that most people have a supplemented coverage on their health insurance because of physiotherapy. For many this is a logical choice, because physiotherapy is very important to a great number of people. But is getting a supplemented care package really the most logical thing to get?

Health insurers make a profit of about 1.4 billion a year. This money, however, is neither going to patients or the physiotherapists that treat them. Even worse: as a patient you are entitled to less care each year. Think about your freedom of choice which is cut back and the supplementary insurance which is getting more and more expensive while you are getting less coverage on treatments. Besides that, physiotherapists as well as insurance companies are having to deal with tighter rules and regulations forced on them by a bureaucratic administration. This all takes away from the care and time that should be going to you as a patient. In the end you are the one that is paying the price in more ways than one, which is unfair. Enough reason to look at the alternative options within the health care system and insurance companies.

A new movement in the health care system is to only make you pay for the care you actually receive. This will mean you will not have to take out an expensive insurance and its supplements for ultimate coverage and pay your physiotherapist directly. One of the extra benefits is that you will be able to choose the physiotherapists that suits your needs best. More and more physiotherapists have stopped working together with insurance companies, because they want to offer both quality and great care which doesn’t fit within the process and motives of the insurance companies. These practices are also called ‘contract free practices’. This way the physiotherapist and the patient are in charge of the quality and contents of care.

It is definitely worth taking a closer look at your health insurance and to take a critical look at your choice of supplement regarding what is covered by your health insurance. Not having a supplementary coverage has a lot of benefits that are not often mentioned: you can choose your own physiotherapist, you pay less on a monthly basis, you only pay for the physiotherapy you have received. And most of all a contract free physiotherapist has more time and attention for your. As you patient you will therefore receive the care you deserve and your physiotherapist will be able to practise their profession in a much better way. All in all it is a win win situation.

We would like to know your what your plans are regarding your health insurance next year: will you choose a supplementary care package from your health insurer or do you dare to move forward by choosing this different approach on health care? We look forward to your response. Please share this message so others will think along with us!

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