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Yoga Gezondheidscentrum Delft  &  Fysiotherapie EerlijkBeter

Rene Janssen: My name is Rene Janssen and I am studio holder at Yoga Gezondheidscentrum Delft. As a yoga teacher, I think it is very important that you listen to your body and take good care of your body. Yoga is an excellent way to be involved with your body (and mind) in a healthy way. For this reason, I work with Physicaltherapy Eerlijk Beter.


Despite you exercise healthy, it is important that you rediscover your body. The offer at my yoga studio varies from hatha yoga (Iyengar oriented), gentle hatha yoga (Iyengar oriented) and Zen meditation. Hatha yoga takes the body as a starting point to create awareness and inner peace. Each lesson is a combination of classic yoga postures (asanas).

These exercises work in all parts of the body: they strengthen the muscles, joints and tendons. They also work in the internal organs like the glands and nerves. Yoga helps prevent or reduce physical symptoms (tension in the neck, headache, hyperventilation) and mental disorders (insomnia and nervousness). In a hatha yoga class sometimes used tools (blocks, blankets) to help you be a yoga posture properly execute. Anyone can participate in the classes, regardless of your age or agility. The exercises can always be adapted to your level. Look for more information on