The first two days after you have strained your back, an inflammatory response will take place inside your body. There is nothing you can do to avoid this from happening. This just happens to be a natural response from your body against the damage. Now something quite extraordinary happens, although the damage in your back is most likely to be very small, your body will react with an abnormally large inflammatory response. The result of which is the extreme contraction that takes place in the muscles which can make almost every movement very painful. This is far from comfortable, but please know that this is actually a fantastic way for your body to protect itself. Your body is trying to avoid further damage being done to it. So don’t worry about this pain, just see it for what it is, a perfectly normal response from your body. great, honest and affordable physiotherapy | Open after office hours and on saturdays | One treatment costs €20 | call: 06 28270001 or send an email to