Muscle pain. Feeling like a hard knot is in your muscle. Tight muscles. Stiff muscles. The feeling that your muscles are continuously under tension. You can not move easy. The sensation of a string running through your muscle. These are all slogans that are used popularly. The medical term for this is ‘ hypertension ‘ and / or ‘ myogelosen’.

Causes may include: overload, metabolic disorders, local infection or an abnormal lactic acid production. But also cold or poor blood circulation may be the cause. With a good sports massage the operation of lymphatic vessels and blood vessels will be stimulated, the muscle function will be improved, the coherent tissues will be stimulated, the immune system will be restored, the production of the hormone that is released during stress (cortisol) is reduced and pain will be muted.

The name ‘sports massage’ suggests that this form of massage is only applicable if you practice a sport. Nothing is less true. A sports massage, although widely used in sports, can be a solution for almost everybody. For example: muscle tension headaches, a stiff back, stiff calves or care after a tough workout. A sports massage can help you reach optimum performance (preparative), to reduce the risk of injuries (preventive) and to promote recovery (curative). It is a way of massage that uses various techniques: sedative techniques to remove waste, to stimulating techniques which stimulate blood flow and improve the metabolism.

During a sports massage in Physiotherapy EerlijkBeter strengths of a sports massage and physical therapy are combined. With the medical, pathological, and psychological knowledge I feel flawlessly where the problem is happening in your muscle tissue.

For a sports massage in Delft you can visit EerlijkBeter within 24 hours of contact (except Sundays). We are open in the afternoons, evenings and on Saturdays.

Sports massage of 25 minutes – € 30
Sports massage of 50 minutes – € 60
Sports massage strippenkaart – € 115 (4x sports massage of 25 minutes, valid for one year, only for personal use)