In this blog I will explain to you what happens when you have strained your back and what will be the best thing to do.

When you have strained your back, you will experience pain, you might find it difficult to stand up straight, walk. Not knowing how to sit or lay down as every movement hurts. What can you do about it? To answer this question correctly let me first explain to you what actually happens inside your body just after you have strained your back.

When you have strained your back you will experience an intense pain shooting up your back. This often happens whilst making a sudden movement, for example whilst lifting, twisting, bending down or tripping. This intense pain is a reaction to the damage that has been done. Don’t worry too much about this so called ‘damage’, because damage is something your body deals with on a daily basis. Think of a muscle ache, stress or bumping into something. These are all forms of damage. Your body is an expert in healing itself from this damage and most likely will heal the damage done to your back without any hassle. great, honest and affordable physiotherapy | Open after office hours and on saturdays | One treatment costs €20 | call: 06 28270001 or send an email to