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“The squat exercise for back and knee complaints” – Physiotherapy located in Delft

We often advise patients who are dealing with back and knee complaints to do the squat exercise as homework. But why? By doing squats you train a lot of muscle groups. You are strengthening your muscles and training your coordination and core-stability at the same time. If your perform this exercise correctly you train your [...]

“Fairytales about big bones and six-packs” – Physiotherapy in Delft

This week I've got three fairytales in a row for you: Fairytale 1: “I'm heavy, because I am big boned!” It's not entire nonsense, because your bones can be somewhat bigger and heavier than those of others, but with a maximum of 2 to 4 kilo's. Just to be clear: overweight does not relate to [...]

“Prevent incorrect training during running”- Physical Therapy EerlijkBeter in Delft

Did you know that runners live 3 years longer on average than people who don't run? This was the outcome of an Iowa State University research (2014). Running combines very well with a healthy lifestyle. In addition, running has a few other advantages: you can work out whenever and wherever you like and totally for [...]

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“In motion with lower back pain” – Physiotherapy EerlijkBeter in Delft

Did you know that back pain is the most common complaint for people who consult a physiotherapist? Around 90% of Dutch population suffers from back pain at one point in their lives. Despite that fact, only few people know what back pain exactly is. Back pain has different causes. It often arises due to a [...]