Does this sound familiar? You have already been dealing with a sore neck for weeks, but don’t know if you should see a physiotherapist?

Of course you can give your physiotherapist a quick call. But nowadays you can also do an online check on the internet. You can let your complaints be checked at by using an interactive physiotherapy check. By answering a few questions and doing some tests your complaints will be compared with the most common physiotherapy injuries. The check can help you get insights on what might be going on. But be careful: the check at is not a substitute for a visit to the physiotherapist or physician. Always contact your doctor or physiotherapist before you jump to conclusions from the information provided at Don’t ever make a diagnosis yourself, but leave that up to someone who has the knowledge and experience to do so, like a doctor or a physiotherapist. You don’t need a reference anymore these days to make an appointment with a physiotherapist.

Being a physiotherapist I support making healthcare available and transparent. That’s why I started physiotherapy practice HonestBetter. I’m positive that is a good way to help people better understand their body and take action when you are experiencing physical complaints. So when in doubt, do the check! | Good, honest and affordable physiotherapy located in Delft.