We often advise patients who are dealing with back and knee complaints to do the squat exercise as homework.
But why?

By doing squats you train a lot of muscle groups. You are strengthening your muscles and training your coordination and core-stability at the same time. If your perform this exercise correctly you train your quads, calves, glutes, abs and back muscles. And last but not least you improve the mobility of your ankles, knees, hips and spine.

A correct execution of he squat is often pretty difficult for beginners. But if you practice a lot, you’ll improve your technique very quickly. The better your technique is, the more squats you are able to do and therefore the smaller the chance of getting injured. Always practice the squat without weights until you have perfected the exercise. A perfect squat for beginners looks like this:

Don’t use any weights. Your feet are outside your hips and your knees are slightly turned out. Bend your knees and straighten your back while lowering your butt backwards. Lower your butt until your hips and knees are in a 90 degrees angle, you’ll notice that your pelvis/hips are starting to turn over. Your knees are allowed to come past your toes, but just a little bit. You can stretch out your arms in front of you during every knee flexion, that way you maintain your balance and you’re training your core. Try to look in front of you instead of upwards during the squats. Good luck!

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