Weird name, because I often see a tennis elbow on people that don’t play tennis. Almost everyone has heard of it at one point, but what exactly is it?

A tennis elbow is an illness in which the tensor muscles of the wrist and fingers are irritated. These muscles are called the extensors of the lower arm and they run from your hand to the outside of your elbow. People that suffer from a tennis elbow often experience pain on the outside of the elbow, while making a strong fist, loss of power, and possibly pain radiating towards the lower arm and hand. Sometimes people also experience pain or stiffness of the neck. A tennis elbow is often caused by continuously repeating a same movement in the wrist, like painting, working behind a computer or behind a cash register. The complaint usually starts in a gradual manner and gets worse overtime.

Are you suffering from a tennis elbow? Keep moving, because total rest does not help and can even make the complaints worse. Is the pain not disappearing after a few weeks? It is possible for a tennis elbow to take on a chronic form, causing the complaints to persist for months. That’s why you should go to your physiotherapist in time. A couple of treatments, good advice and simple exercises are often enough to get rid of your complaint. Take good care of your body! | Good, honest and affordable physiotherapy located in Delft.